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Features and Benefits

The KEY to our success:
All other expandable baton manufacturers start with small tubes then “form and flare” the joint. This process stretches the steel from a small diameter tube to a larger flared tube which creates a thin and weak tube wall.
The RCB is the only expandable baton with “Machined” Strike tubes.



At Peacekeeper, we start with a larger diameter strike tube, then “machine or mill” the entire length of the primary strike tube on a computerized lathe. This process allows us to maintain the same wall thickness from the tip of the tube, all the way through the joint of each baton. This and other trade secrets also allow officers to perform jabbing techniques with out fear of the baton collapsing.


6 Key Features and 16 Significant Benefits of the R.C.B. :
F#1:   Weight distributed in the distal half (striking area) of the baton instead of in the handle.
B: Provides Rapid Stopping Power and Rapid Containment.
B: Redistributed weight design gives all officers greater authority and confidence; and more officer safety in a confrontation.
B: Requires less energy to achieve higher impact.
F#2:   Patented Joint Lock design !
B: The largest friction lock of any other expandable baton which reduces inadvertent collapsing.
B: The ability to strike or jab with the baton without it collapsing in the middle of an altercation.
(See Jabbing Demo video)

F#3:   High quality, 3/4″ “machined” steel that will not bend like other batons !

B: Unsurpassed Durability – Life Time Warranty (See Durability video)
B: The ability to break open a vehicle window without the fear of bending or breaking the baton. (See Window Breaker video)
F#4:   A larger flat end cap made from hardened steel A:The ability to expand the baton by pulling on the tip of the baton.
B: Ideal in confined space where OC Sprays may not be indicated for use, i.e. Subways, Residential, Commercial or Industrial environments.
B: Creates a great defensive move and is ideal for close quarters tactics!
B: Allows for jabbing techniques without impalement.
B: Minimizes “burring”.
B: Reduces laceration liability thus reducing the chance of dealing with blood borne pathogens.
B: Reduces damage to training equipment.
F#5:   Anti-Rattle Ring
B: Reduces the typical “jingle” that is inherent in other expandable batons.
F#6:   1 1/4" Handle & High-Friction Rubber Grip
B:  Sufficient gripping surface area to retain a baton better.
B:  High friction Santoprene Rubber is the same rubber used on after market firearms grips.

A variety of holsters and Fully “Machined” aluminum Retention End Caps are also available.


  The Trend:


  When suspects endure multiple rides from ECD's, the RCB has proven 
  to be the last line of defense before the use of a firearm!


Check your policy. 
The specifications of the Peacekeeper Baton 
may already fit, or be approved in your department.