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Customer Service Reviews

"I seldom write unless customer service is either abhorrent or stellar. In this case I'm writing to inform you of the latter.

I called this morning with a few questions. I spoke with Ralph. He went way above and beyond to help me out. The call lasted 21 mins and due to his awesome customer service I ended up buying more stuff.

It's the right corporate culture that fosters business growth. It's apparent that you hired the right person and then empowered him. Rest assured I'll definitely inform others about your products and fine customer service.

Good day."

Brandon Favela

"What a breath of fresh air to find a company like Peacekeeper Products! I have had my baton since the mid-90's, but my leather basket-weave holster was really showing some wear and I needed a replacement. I was contacted by Ralph who spent the better part of an hour analyzing my baton over the phone to determine if the newer holsters would work. Since there have only been minor changes in the baton design, the new holster would be fine.

Thanks to Ralph and the team at Peacekeeper for providing both an excellent product and excellent customer service"

OCSD, California

"As a 14 year Law Enforcement trainer, impact weapon instructor and subject matter expert, I evaluated the Peacekeeper Baton and was consistently impressed with the quality and balance, not to mention the excellent customer service offered by the company and its representatives."



Thanks for the follow-up. We got rid of our ASP batons some time ago after an absolute failure. We have full implementation of the Peacekeeper Baton as our only impact weapon. We are very impressed with your product as well as your customer support. We had one issue where one of my guys oiled up the baton and it failed to stay deployed. I contacted your support staff and was told to simply wipe it clean and it would be good to go. I wiped it clean of the oil and it was as good as new.

Your customer service supersedes any other LE company that I've dealt with. Keep up the great work. We will be ordering more batons in the future to outfit some new officers.

Thanks "

Sgt. J. Ramirez

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